About Us

About Us

Diamond Life obtained permission from the Govt. of Bangladesh to transact all types ofLife insurance policies in February, 2014 and started operation in June, 2014.An explanation is perhaps in order why there is yet another company when there arealready so many operating in the economy. Although life insurance business is more thana century old in the country, it has hardly touched upon the lives of the general people ofthe country. In a word, life companies have been largely unable to tap the opportunitiesoffered by a progressing economy like ours and does not compare well with the level ofdevelopment achieved in other financial sectors of economy. As it terms out, Bangladeshmay be regarded as almost a green field for life insurance business. Given properplanning and vigorous efforts, it is very much possible that the premium income of theindustry largely reflecting its performance can be quadrupled from the present level(which is presently only 0.7% of national GDP) in a decade’s time. Thus, the case for anew life insurance company has been quite convincing. The sponsors of Diamond Life--highly successful and distinguished personalities as they are in their respective fields oftrade and commerce--strongly believe that the new life company imbued with the idealsof rendering prompt and quality life insurance services at reasonable cost and directingall activities to this end is sure to stand out and shall be able to make a mark in a shortperiod of time.

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Contact Us:- Should be Include:- Surma Tower, (19 th Floor), 13, Comred Monising Road, old 59/2Purana Paltan Road Dhaka-1000.

Telephone No: - 9564957, 9515546